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Basic Guidelines to Find IR35 Contractors

IR35 Legislation IR35 is one of the rules that government has passed in its legislation for the betterment of employees who are working either as self-employees or as employees of any authorized firm. It’s main purpose is to differentiate between those employees and try to find the contractor under ir35 who will have to obey the Read more »

Advice on Becoming a Contractor

When you become an IT contractor for the first time, you have many advantages, but there are several drawbacks. Apparently, the main advantage is that you will receive much more money than before, and all this additional money is money that you can save, spend or invest. Another significant advantage is that you do not Read more »

Umbrella Companies: A Tax Guide

Every cent counts this day and age, and using most of your profit as a contractor is now more important than ever. Joining an umbrella instead of a payroll agency can offer a number of benefits and help you save money in the long run. Contracting companies are solutions chosen by various organizations as convenient Read more »

How to Get the Attention of IR35 Away from Your Business?

The increase in IR35 cases and investigations made by the HMRC has caused a huge amount of concerns to several independent contractors. Penalties can reach from up to 70% of unpaid taxes which can take a huge hit off their earnings. Getting in an IR35 contracting however, is something that can be completely avoided with Read more »