Basic Guidelines to Find IR35 Contractors

IR35 Legislation

IR35 is one of the rules that government has passed in its legislation for the betterment of employees who are working either as self-employees or as employees of any authorized firm. It’s main purpose is to differentiate between those employees and try to find the contractor under ir35 who will have to obey the tax rules that are applicable to them if they are working under a client which might be a limited company or any other personalized company in which many contractors are working today. Hence if you come under the list of IR35 contractors then make sure you follow paying correct amount of tax and national insurance. Let’s get into detail how it works?

Basic Guidelines to Find IR35 Contractors:

An IR35 was made to provide equal rights to the contractors who are self employed and fighting for their rights with those employees who are working for personal service companies and know based on the work and life routine. Please make a note that employers’ NICs are payable and all the employees use their salaries to pay NICs. Therefore if a limited company contractor earns the income as dividends and a modest salary, then he may not always come under National Insurance liability.

Therefore an individual contractor whose employment status states that he is into IR35 compliance then the self employed contractor is deemed to follow tax purpose rules when working under a client availing all the staff facilities, whereas the freelancer who is working from home with multiple clients will not come under IR35 and is free from the burden of paying tax and national insurance.

Recently, HMRC took decision to consider the working practices of contractors as well as their terms of the contract. Based on their research it will be decided that the IR35 rules will be applicable to the contract and not the individual. Hence it is possible for an individual to work on several contracts during the stipulated time and only few contracts will fall within the IR35 net. Because if the contractor comes under IR35 then he might have to draw most of his income part in the form of deemed payment with an additional 5% expense allowance which covers all his basic needs along with insurance and pension contributions which need to be drawn.

Hence to run their contract business smoothly many contracts sign with limited company best known as umbrella companies which come under IR35 to save them from being caught by the rules for a hassle free contract. Hence the IR35 plays a vital role in taking home your pay if caught by IR35, therefore it is recommended to read the reviews of this kind of service before you sign a new contract.


If you are a contractor and that too self-employed then it is highly recommended to sign a contract with umbrella companies which are very efficient and come under IR35 making your contract run smoothly without any hassles. You can take home your earned amount without paying any tax or national insurance after completion of your contract. Make sure you complete your contract on time with quality and exempted by paying tax and avail the additional 5% expense allowance along with insurance and pension which you can draw later.